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Long-term car rental

Long term car rental in Budapest

These examples are to indicate prices for long term car rentals and operative leasing usually for 4 years with initial payment.

Still having questions? Please don't hesitate to call us:
+36 1 770 7701

Long term car rental and leasing in Budapest Hungary

If you are looking for car rental for only a couple of weeks, or like 1-3 months, we are ready to give you a special offer, however, this site is for rentals over a year (usually 4). You can find special expat car rental offers for non-seasonal cars rental with a monthly fee here. If you are coming to see Hungary for a couple of weeks or months, but stay a bit longer, please find our offers to rent a car here or email us to

Koala Autorent – Flottakezelés és tartósbérlet

Koala Autorent

Car rental for short and long term in Budapesten. Rent a company car from today.

We are happy to see you in Mammut Shopping Mall every day of the week (except for national holidays).

1024 Budapest, Lövőház u. 2-6 (Mammut 1 Mall  0. floor)

Phone: (06 1) 770 770 1

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