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Rent-a-Car and Fleet Management

Quality car rental in Budapest. Try us now with 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Special offer

Flexible company car offers from HUF 99,000 per month, with no down payment

Rent a car smartly: refuel with sunlight, park for free!​​
Zöld rendszámos plug-in hibrid autóinkat az ország egyre több pontján töltheted, és számos magyar városban ingyen parkolhatsz velük.

The road is yours - Forget about per-minute fees

Rent any of our cars with green license plates, and you can enjoy the appreciative glances of those with green license plates all day long. You can go to the countryside or even abroad with our cars. You don’t have to count the minutes during a family lunch. If you get stuck in a traffic jam, your rent with us will not change every minute.

Koala Autorent – Felejtsd el a percdíjakat


Koala Autorent is not only available for short-term car rentals. If your company needs to build a fleet, you would like to rent for a longer period or more often, or you are looking for a used car, you are still in the right place!

Do you have a question?

Read our car rental guide, in which we have collected the most frequently asked questions, or browse our categories to find out which of our cars would be the most suitable for you.

If you did not find what you were looking for, or if you had a question during the reservation, contact our colleagues. And if you want to find us later, like our Facebook page.

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