Kérdésed van? Hívj bátran!

General terms and conditions

1. Subject and validity of the contract
Under this rental agreement, the lessor (hereinafter Lessor) named in the contract allows
the lessee (hereinafter Lessee) to use the specified vehicle for a defined period of time.
2. Transfer of the vehicle
2.1. The Lessee receives the selected vehicle (hereinafter Vehicle) from the Lessor in
proper technical condition, with the equipment and accessories specified in the contract,
including the mandatory road safety equipment. In addition, the Lessor hands over to the
Lessee the key, registration certificate, and any other necessary documents for using the
2.2. Upon receiving the Vehicle, the Lessee must verify its condition, any visible damage,
and it’s roadworthiness. A report is made regarding the pick up and return of the Vehicle,
which the Lessee confirms with their signature, acknowledging that they received the
Vehicle in proper technical condition with the mandatory accessories.
2.3. The Lessee receives the Vehicle with a full tank of fuel and in a clean condition.
3. Rental period
The so-called rental day is a continuous 24-hour period starting from the time of picking
up the vehicle. The next continuous 24-hour period is considered as an additional rental
4. Regulations concerning rental and other fees
4.1. The rental fee may be invoiced by the Lessor in advance upon handing over the
4.2. The deposit is due at the time of handing over the vehicle, and its amount is a
minimum of HUF 200,000, which the Lessee will receive back in full upon returning the
vehicle if there are no subsequent costs related to the rental of the vehicle that the Lessee
is responsible for according to the contract.
4.3. If the vehicle is not cleaned, washed or refueled upon return, the Lessor is entitled to
charge the Lessee for refueling and washing costs of the returned vehicle, as well as to
charge an amount equivalent to half of the daily rental fee as a handling fee.
4.4. The Lessee is responsible for any costs related to the normal use of the vehicle
during the rental period.
4.5. In case the Lessee fails to fulfill its payment obligations under the rental agreement,
the Lessee shall pay a default interest rate of twice the base rate determined by the
Hungarian National Bank at the time, but at least 8% per annum.
4.6. The Lessee acknowledges that in case the agreed mileage limit is exceeded, the
Lessor will charge an additional fee for the excess kilometers, as follows:
Category I: Economy, Compact: HUF 49/km
Category II: City SUV, Intermediate, Hybrid, Premium Economy: HUF 69/km
Category III: Green license plate, Standard, Full size, 7-8-9 seater, Business Class,
Compact SUV, SUV: HUF 99/km.
5. Rights and obligations of the Lessee
5.1. Lessee may use the Vehicle in the countries of the Schengen Area (in those EU
Member States where there is no mandatory stop when entering or exiting the country),
Switzerland, Romania, Serbia, and Croatia. The Vehicle may only be taken to countries
not listed here with the written consent of the Lessor.
5.2. Only a person who has reached the age of 21 at the time of rental (25 years of age for
types with a power output of more than 100 kW), holds a valid driver’s license and ID card
for at least 2 years may drive the Vehicle. Only the person designated in the rental
agreement may drive the Vehicle if all other conditions are met.
5.3. Lessee is not entitled to:
a) participate in any type of race or competition, or similar event with the Vehicle;
b) use the Vehicle to transport flammable, radioactive, or other hazardous materials;
c) encumber the Vehicle in any way, lease, pawn, lend or sell it to anyone else;
d) use the Vehicle for commercial transportation of persons or goods, or for educational
e) use the Vehicle for towing or moving any other vehicle or trailer;
f) drive the Vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
g) operate the Vehicle improperly, contrary to the manufacturer’s instructions for use and
the rental terms.
5.4. Lessee is obliged to familiarize themselves with the Vehicle’s services and the
manufacturer’s prescribed method of use and maintenance, and to comply with these
during the entire rental period. The Tenant is obliged to maintain the Vehicle in the
condition it was in at the time of delivery, taking into account the depreciation that occurs
during use. Depreciation during use refers to aging proportional to the kilometers traveled
and the time of use. Lessee is obliged to check the technical condition of the Vehicle
before each use. The Lessor cannot be held responsible for accidents, delays, penalties,
or damages attributable to the technical condition of the Vehicle.
5.5. Lessee is responsible for parking and other public or utility fines. Lessee expressly
agrees that in such cases, the Lessor may provide their data to the appropriate authority,
operator, etc., and charge the resulting costs (fines, administrative fees) to their credit
card for up to 90 days from the receipt of the fine. If the Vehicle is impounded due to
official action, the Tenant shall cover all associated costs.
5.6. Lessee shall refrain from any action that may result in a third party making a claim
regarding the Vehicle. The Renter shall use all safety devices installed in the Vehicle upon
every exit from the Vehicle. The Renter is fully responsible for any damages resulting from
the improper use of safety devices.
5.7. Lessee is not authorized to make any changes to the Vehicle (such as rebuilding or
modifying the interior of the car) or alter the appearance of the Vehicle in any way without
the permission of the Lessor. Otherwise, Lessee shall fully compensate for any damages
resulting from unauthorized modifications.
5.8. Smoking is prohibited in the Vehicle! The Renter acknowledges that smoking in the
Vehicle will result in a net penalty of 50,000 HUF imposed by the Lessor, in addition to any
repair and cleaning costs.
6. Rights and Obligations of the Lessor
The Vehicle is owned by the Lessor and is rented for subleasing purposes. The Lessor is
responsible for the repairs and required technical inspections of the Vehicle. Only with the
written permission of the Lessor can a third party perform mandatory technical
inspections or repairs. The Lessor has the right to verify the technical condition of the
Vehicle at any time.
7. Insurance
The rental fee for the Vehicle includes comprehensive and mandatory liability insurance. In
the event of a self-caused accident, Lessee is liable up to the amount of the deposit. The
amount of the deductible corresponds to the chosen Deductible Waiver Supplement. The
Lessor or the vehicle operator will bill Lessee for the amount of the damage and its
deductible. If the particular car does not have comprehensive insurance, the Lessor will
cover the amount over the deductible. Additionally, Lessee is entitled to purchase a
Deductible Waiver Supplement. In the event of an accident or breakdown of the Vehicle,
the Renter can use the assistance service related to the vehicle, provided that the
manufacturer’s assistance service is available. If it is not available, Lessee can request
assistance from the Lessor.
8. Liability for damage, vandalism, theft and loss of the vehicle.
8.1. The Renter is obliged to act with due care to avoid damaging, losing or stealing the
8.2. If the Renter causes damage to third-party property or life while operating the vehicle,
they must report it immediately to the Lessor and request police intervention. If Lessee
fails to do so, they are fully responsible for the damage caused.
8.3. Lessee is fully liable for any damages resulting from any violations of this contract in
connection with the vehicle.
8.4. In the event of an insurance claim, the Lessor shall notify the insurance company
where the vehicle is insured. If a theft or damage to the vehicle occurs, Lessee is only
responsible up to the amount of the deductible specified in the rental agreement. If an
unauthorized person drives the vehicle, Lessee is liable for the full amount of the damage
caused, in addition to the deductible.
8.5. If the Renter is involved in an accident with the vehicle, they must immediately notify
the police and prepare a written report, which they must submit to the Lessor. The report
must include the names, addresses, nationalities, mothers’ names, birthplaces, dates of
birth, and identification document numbers of all parties involved in the accident and the
witnesses, the license plate numbers of any other vehicles involved in the accident, and
the endorsement of the police agency investigating the accident.Lessee must comply
with all legal obligations to other parties involved in the accident. Lessee is not entitled to
acknowledge any claims made by other parties or third parties without the written
consent of the Lessor. Lessee must immediately notify the Lessor of any damage to the
vehicle that occurs during the rental period, including damage resulting from an accident,
and file a police report.
8.6. Lessee is financially responsible for any minor damage that occurs to the vehicle
during the rental period, such as damage to the wheels, tires, glass, or damage caused
by improper use or an unknown perpetrator.
8.7. Lessee is fully liable for the current new purchase price of the vehicle if the car is
stolen and Lessee cannot return the vehicle registration and/or keys to the Lessor.
8.8. The Renter is also responsible for maintaining the vehicle during the rental period,
including any necessary repairs or replacements, unless otherwise agreed in the rental
9. Vehicle Return
9.1. When the rental period is over, the Lessee shall return the Vehicle with all
accessories, documents, and keys to the agreed location to the Lessor in the same
condition as received, taking into account the normal wear and tear during use. Any
deviation from the agreed location requires mutual agreement of the contracting parties.
9.2. The Vehicle must be returned with a full tank of gas and cleaned, otherwise the
Lessor is entitled to charge the Lessee for the related costs in accordance with clause 3.
9.3. If the Vehicle and its accessories are returned later than the time specified in the
contract, this shall be considered a delayed return. In this case, the Lessor is entitled to
immediately take back the Vehicle.
9.4. The Lessee acknowledges that if the Vehicle is returned to a location different from
the agreed one and/or with delay, the Lessor is entitled to report the Vehicle as stolen to
the competent police authorities and/or initiate legal proceedings against the Lessee, with
the consequences borne exclusively by the Lessee.
9.5. The costs associated with the Vehicle’s retrieval must be covered by Lessee.
9.6. In case of loss of the Vehicle’s keys or documents, and in case of any other
accessory not returned, the Lessee shall be liable for the related damage.
9.7. The Lessee shall notify the Lessor of their intention to extend the rental period 24
hours before the expiration of the lease. Similarly, if the Lessee wishes to return the
Vehicle before the rental period ends, they must inform the Lessor 24 hours in advance.
The Lessee bears the costs associated with returning the Vehicle at a different time, and
the Lessor is entitled to charge the full remaining rental fee.
9.8. If the rental period is extended, this agreement remains in effect.
10. Termination of the rental agreement
10.1. The rental agreement terminates upon expiration of the rental period, unless
otherwise agreed jointly by the contracting parties.
10.2. In case of violation of the contract or damage caused to the Vehicle, the Lessor is
entitled to terminate the contract with immediate effect.
10.3. The rental agreement also terminates in case of theft or destruction of the Vehicle.
11. Communication
11.1. Written messages sent by the Lessor are deemed to be delivered at the moment of
sending to the phone number and email address provided by the Lessee in this contract.
12. Final provisions
The General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of this rental agreement. Any
issues not regulated by this rental agreement and the General Terms and Conditions shall
be governed by the Civil Code of Hungary.
Price list for common repairs
The below prices include costs related to extra maintenance, such as costs to be paid to
the workshop, extra labor costs, and losses suffered due to the car being out of rental,
but do not include 27% VAT.
1. Stone chip on windshield (if repairable) – HUF 30,000
2. Minor crack on windshield (if repairable) – HUF 50,000
3. Repainting of one part – HUF 130,000
4. Tire puncture (not covered by basic insurance) – HUF 10,000
5. Tire replacement (not covered by insurance) – HUF 70,000
6. Driving on dirt road (if no damage can be proven) – HUF 50,000
7. Smoking in the car (out of the window, including use of e-cigarettes) – HUF 50,000
8. Transporting animals in the car (extra cleaning) – HUF 15,000
9. Administration fee (per fine) – HUF 10,000
10. Legal fee (per hour) – HUF 70,000
11. Upholstery cleaning (without disinfection) – HUF 50,000
I acknowledge that the above charges may be levied, their amount is reasonable, and I
accept that the above prices are fixed.
I have read and accept the General Terms and Conditions by signing below